Want to Make It In Music? Focus On Online Promotion 

By Guest Contributor Cassie Steele, 11/21/2017

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With many artists competing for attention in the music industry, how is it possible to make sure your songs are heard? The magic word here is promotion 

Music is and always has been a difficult industry to break into. It's obviously even harder for a solo artist with no record label. While it's extremely important to create great music, that's only half of the work. It's actually much easier today than ever, as the internet has made music readily available to everyone. Millions of users every day are actively searching for new music. 

Online promotion is a great asset in a number of business areas, and it can be one for music too. Here are some things you can do to promote your music online.

Create a Website


Though they may seem obsolete, websites are actually a more official way to promote your music and image as compared to social media pages. Websites give you more control on what you post and over your image, whereas comments on social media can easily get out of hand.

A blog can also be useful to strengthen your image. It's a free space, one where you can write freely and really express what's on your mind. You can talk about your inspiration, the creative process and it can help you connect with your fans on a deeper level. Blogging has many benefits, both for your music and on a personal level. Remember to include YouTube or Soundcloud links, where fans can listen to your music.

Be Present on Social Media

Social Media has quickly imposed itself as one of the main ways we relate to people. It's easy to be found on social media, especially if your profiles are up to date. Make sure to set aside some time to work on your Facebook page, as well as other social platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. This is an easy way to update your fans on new dates and venues. If you don't have time to focus on social media every day, set aside one day to schedule your social media posts for the rest of the week. 

People like to see work in progress, so it's best to post often and not just when you're performing live. Updates on the process of recording a new album or writing new songs can be a great way to show your fans what you're up to.    

Show Your Face!

People prefer to see a video presence rather than just listening to audio. For this reason, if you're really serious about music you need to open a Youtube channel. Record live performances to promote your music, as well as special content such as backstage insights on how you record or write your music.

Don't Give Up

Persistence and determination are the keys to success. In order to get results, you need to create a lot of content and post it often. Support this with many live shows in which you show your online fans how good you actually are and you'll soon start seeing results. Keep working on both your music and promotion and your efforts will be rewarded!

Photo Credit by Ryan Holloway