Crabmeat with salmon pearls, “buffalo        mozzarella” cream, avocado blinis


By Guest Contributor LP Howard, 9/11/2017

Smoked salmon with almonds and pears, purple potatoes with “caprino” cheese and eggs quail, tartare of “marango” beef with green sauce

Steamed Rice Ravioli with stuffed with         veal shank, saffron cream and his “gremolata” 

Selection of the pastry chef's Hazelnut       mousse and cream, “panna cotta” with       yogurt, mini tarte- tatin, mini macaron,     “baba’” with meringues and a variety       of sauces

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"Petit four"

(Finanziere with pistachio,                     “cantuccio” biscuit and                 “diamantino” chocolate buiscuit)

Sliced Lamb, Marinated mushrooms with   parsley, “buffalo mozzarella” cream and summer truffle

Crunchy chicken thigh with saffron cream

Selection with Marfuga extra virgin olive oil

#SofitelRome Rooftop Dining Perfection High Atop Rome!  


It’s no wonder the “Certificate of Excellence 2016” was bestowed by Trip Advisor, to Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, together with the “Best in the world 2011" awarded by Condè Nast Traveler.

Here are but a few list of accomplishments bestowed upon this internationally recognized hotel in Rome, Italy:  

  • In 2012, the hotel appeared for the first time in the prestigious Condé Nast Gold List.

  • In 2015, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese won the World Luxury Awards as “Luxury Historical Hotel” in Europe; in 2014 as “Best Luxury Boutique Hotel” in Europe; in 2013, “Best Luxury Rooftop View Hotel” in Europe; and in 2012, “Best Luxury Romantic Hotel" in Italy.

  • In 2013, the hotel won the prestigious Villégiature Awards for the "Best Hotel Terrace in Europe", awarded by a jury of journalists and press correspondents from the major European media, as well as from the United States, China, Japan and Australia.

But it was the exquisite night of rooftop dining high atop La Terrace Cuisine & Lounge with a tasting menu created by Masterful Chef Giuseppe D’Alessio’s that made this night so special.

It was his great expertise, creative skills and capacity to reinvent popular traditional Italian dishes that lent itself to an extraordinaire fusion of tastes & flavors.

His Campania roots are evident, emphasizing authentic and natural ingredients, with their unique and creative preparation, while always respecting the local culinary traditions.

I can personally testify that it is no wonder this rooftop view restaurant is on the prestigious Michelin Guide 2015 with 3 Forks - ‘Top Class Comfort’.

Below are the courses so artfully presented to us on this memorable night overlooking all of Rome! Truly “A Night to Remember!”

Welcome Tapas!












Molto Delizioso Entrees

Fresh Pasta "Tagliolini" with lobster, lemon

and tomato “piennolo del vesuvio” stew

Mixed Fish in “Acqua Pazza”

(Ombrina fish, mullet, turbot, mussels

“in guazzetto” with cherry tomatoes confit,

capers and crispy bread)

Roasted milk-fed veal tenderloin with

sautéed wild mushrooms and purple


Save Room for Dessert




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