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Jurassic World (Movie Review)

By Bridget Campos, 6/15/2015

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How these prehistoric dinosaurs devoured the box office competition  


Spoilers throughout this review 


It has been over 22-years since the first dinosaur-cloned theme park, Jurassic Park, was shut down due to the possible dangers it can bring to visitors. Fast–forward to now where the new Jurassic World is fully operational and open to the public. So far the attraction does seem safe under the watchful eye of the park’s operation manager, Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard). The only problem is the park is not attacting more investors due to there being not enough visitors to increase higher profits. Claire feels that Jurassic World’s lack of a thrilling atmosphere is making the park equivalent to parents taking their kids to the local zoo. The solution—clone dinosaurs that are more scary, mean, and cool. 

The park’s owner, Simon Masrani (played by Irrfan Khan) asks chief geneticist, Dr. Henry Wu, who originally cloned dinosaurs for Jurassic Park, to create a hybrid. Dr. Wu (played by B.D. Wong) and his team are able to do so successfully. They create two hybrids, the Indominus Rex, but in the end only one lives because the female ate the other sibling. This is why they put the Indominus in a high security enclosed area at the far end of the island, away from the tourist attraction.

But it is not until the Indominus outsmarts security through her camouflaging ability, as a way of escaping her enclosure and avoiding capture, they realize that she is on a path of destruction and must be stopped. Because the Hybrid Rex has a mixture of Velociraptor DNA, Claire asks Owen Grady, (played by Chris Pratt) to use his four trained Velociraptors (Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo) to wrangle up the Indominus, before she goes further into the populous area that has over 20,000 visitors.

Because this film was in such high anticipation for several months prior to its release, it’s no surprise that Jurassic World had the biggest box office draw of all time both in the US ($208.8 million) and Worldwide ($524.1 million) in its first week. But aside from Jurassic World being a box office smash, the film is worth watching (particularly in 3D) because of the visual effects, especially during the action scenes. One of the best scenes in the film has to be when Claire’s younger nephew, Gray, suggests that the T-Rex can help defeat the Hybrid Rex. So Claire lures the T-Rex from its holding using a flare stick to have it chase after her. She heads toward the direction of the Indominous and throws the flare at the Hybrid to catch the attention of the T-Rex. This leads to an epic battle-- old-school T-Rex against the new Hybrid Rex.         

Though I do agree with critics that story-wise it may not be like Jurassic Park, but this movie is a close second to the classic. And the ending of Jurassic World gives the impression that there might be more sequels to come.       


‘Jurassic World' is rated PG-13, and contains intense sequences of science-fiction violence & peril

Reviewer's Rating : 4 out of 5