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Horrible Bosses 2 (Movie Review)

By Bridget Campos, 12/10/2014

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The reviews are in for ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ and it is not looking good--at all. But throughout all the critics’ relentless bashing of this film, did they get it wrong?  


Horrible Bosses 2 is a follow-up to the 2011 original slapstick comedy, Horrible Bosses. Nick Hendricks (played by Jason Bateman), Dale Arbus (played by Charlie Day), and Kurt Buckman (played by Jason Sudeikis) are back again, but this time they have decided to be their own bosses after creating a car wash inspired shower head invention called the “Shower Buddy”. By a stroke of luck they are contacted by a billionaire investor Burt Hanson (played by Christoph Waltz) and his son Rex (played by Chris Pine) who are willing to sell their product. However, Burt uses the bumbling pals’ lack of entrepreneurial experience to his advantage and ends up backing out of the deal, leaving Nick, Dale, and Kurt with a warehouse full of unsold merchandise and $500,000 in debt.


Desperate and with no money for legal resources, they decide to kidnap Rex and hold him as ransom to get back the money they lost. The only thing these guys didn’t expect is that Rex is willing to go along with the kidnapping due to his strained relationship with his father. But Rex convinces the guys to increase the ransom to $5 million so he could get a chunk of the money. Enticed by the offer the guys go along with the fake kidnapping plot. 

The film brings back original cast members: Kevin Spacey (Nick’s former boss, David Harken, now a convict dishing out business advice to the clueless trio in his usual crude but humorous fashion); Jennifer Aniston (sex addict dentist, Julia Harris, who still wants Dale to be her next conquest labeling him as her “white whale”); and Jamie Foxx (con man and criminal advisor, Dean “Motherfucker” Jones, help out the guys when the fake kidnapping doesn’t turn out as planned).

After being on the fence for over a week on whether or not to see this film, (due to hearing a slew of the bad reviews), I reluctantly went to go see it for myself and undoubtedly, in my opinion, the critics were completely wrong about this film. It was hilarious. The chemistry between Pine, Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis is spot on with continues laughs throughout the movie. 


Yes, we know critics have great influence on whether or not people will watch a new flick in theaters. But sometimes moviegoers will not agree with a critic’s opinion on a particular movie, but instead find the film to be absolutely great. Horrible Bosses 2 is one of these cases. So if you decide to go see this movie in theaters or wait until it comes out on DVD it is a film worth watching. Decide for yourself, either you might agree with critics or you might think it is better than the first film. 


'Horrible Bosses 2 ' is rated R and contains strong crude sexual content and language throughout    

Reviewer's Rating : 4 out of 5