Let's face it stress is all around us. But are ways we can handle it properly?

When life becomes too busy to handle, sometimes we can begin to see all our habits (whether positive or negative) in a similar light. But the bad thing about this is that we can become set in our ways. And when we finally do realize that it's time to part ways with destructive habits, it is so much harder to do. Here are some examples of negative habits that would be wise to do away with sooner rather than later in order to live at our happiest.

Change your mindset!

 It's often said that the mind is a powerful thing. For example, it's just as easy to talk ourselves into something as it is to talk ourselves out of something. Perhaps, thinking negatively has become a safety net of sorts to avoid being disappointed. Whatever the case for a negative mindset, it's important not to dwell on unpleasant thoughts. Furthermore, once you decide to drop the negativity, you'll soon start to feel better within yourself and happier as a result.

If you don't like your job, then maybe you should rethink it

Since we spend such a significant portion of our days working, it makes sense, then, to do work we truly enjoy doing. And if your current job isn't bringing you a sense of fulfillment, well, then it may be time to rethink what you plan on doing career-wise in the long term. However, changing jobs is easier said than done, especially in a competitive job market. This is why you should put extra effort into updating your resume with your latest skills, experiences, and achievements and making it look outstanding.

If you have an entrepreneurial bent and a great idea for a business, you’re always able to launch your own venture. One of the first items on the agenda is to choose how to structure your business. Many opt to run their business as a limited liability company (LLC) due to the tax advantages, flexibility, and the protection of personal assets. It’s possible to form your business yourself or hire an attorney, but an increasingly popular choice is to have a formation service do the job. When you use a reputable formation service to help you register an LLC in the state your business will reside in, you can rest assured that all the boxes will be checked and the proper paperwork will be filed.

Stop living in clutter

When our homes are full of clutter, it can be difficult to relax and enjoy our surroundings. Furthermore, Men’s Health notes that clutter can also lead to feelings of negativity, anxiety, and guilt. Decluttering your home can help you to reclaim lost space and achieve a sense of calm. When we declutter our homes, we are also decluttering our lives.

It may be that you have more stuff than space to hold it. In that case, look into rental options in the area. You shouldn’t have to rid yourself of things you actually use and enjoy for lack of space, and there are plenty of options available if you need a larger home or even a local storage facility could be a much cheaper option. 

Don't put off exercise

While it's easy to put off exercise when you don't feel up to it, not putting in the time to focus on your physical and mental health can end up being more detrimental than you think. After all, if you're feeling more sluggish than usual and your clothes don't fit quite the same way as they used to, it'll be pretty much impossible to feel great about yourself. So if you've been putting off exercise for just about every other excuse, rather prioritize just 30 minutes of exercise to achieve a boost in confidence.

If one of your obstacles to regular exercise is poor weather, consider purchasing some well-reviewed exercise equipment to help you exercise at home. A good stationary bike, for example, can offer you a great cardio workout. As there are many potential options for exercise equipment, be sure to read unbiased reviews of your prospective purchases.

Stop procrastinating


Procrastinating is another one of those bad habits that are all too easy to fall into without even knowing it. Moreover, there is a big difference between contemplating an important decision and avoiding it altogether. So, as Maryville University points out, if you've been purposefully procrastinating about something to the point that you never get around to doing it, this should also be a habit you should break so that you can accomplish all the goals you set out to achieve to become a successful, more accomplished version of you.

Say no to stress eating

If you find yourself looking for an unhealthy snack every time you feel a little anxious or stressed, you could be stress eating. Therefore, in order to avoid weight gain and all sorts of health-related issues, don't resort to the snack cupboard every time you feel worried or burdened by something. Instead, if you are finding it difficult to go cold turkey, rather stock your refrigerator and pantry with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts (if your diet allows it), and plenty of filtered water so that these false hunger pains don't get the better of you.


In conclusion, being healthy and happy will mean saying no to a lot of things that bring you temporary joy. But, if you want to live out your best days, it's far better to have healthy habits in place that will impact your life positively for years to come.


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Bad Habits to Drop If You Want to Live Happily

By Emily Graham, 1/25/2023